Arboricultural method statements

Arboricultural Method Statements

Arboricultural Method Statements are often a requirement of planning permission on sites containing trees. This is a document that outlines step-by step-instructions relating to tree works and tree protection measures to be implemented during the construction process.

The Arboricultural Method Statement is written in a clear format to be given to operatives during the construction process. It provides all the information required for contractors to fully protect trees during construction. In our Arboricultural Method Statements, PJC Consultancy gives not only information about what protection measures are to be implemented, but also at what stage of construction they should be performed. We will also give details of tree planting specifications, should this be a requirement for the site.

The local planning authority may carry out site visits during construction to ensure the trees’ protection measures have been implemented. The relevant Tree Constraint Plans and Tree Protection Plans will be included with the Arboricultural Method Statement to ensure these visits occur without consequence. Ensuring all operatives on a construction site have read, understood and signed the Arboricultural Method Statement will increase the chances of tree protection measures being correctly implemented.