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Wildlife Movement & Mitigation

The mitigation (movement) of wildlife, including reptile and newt mitigation, on a site which is subject to construction is also known as ‘translocation’. Translocation is a legal requirement to ensure that no harm to individuals and/or populations occurs when undertaking a development. Most often it is common reptiles and amphibians, including the European protected great crested newts, that will require moving to a receptor site as part of a mitigation package. If they are present on your site, you must seek expert advice on their protection and potential movement or mitigation in accordance with the mitigation guidelines.

At PJC Consultancy, we have considerable experience in developing, managing and providing detailed wildlife movement and reptile mitigation strategies. Our ecologists hold Natural England licenses for great crested newts, bats, barn owls and dormice, and are experts in working on movement and mitigation projects for these protected species. We can also provide advice on wildlife dispersal and mitigation fencing for reptiles and amphibians as well as badgers and deer.

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