Landscape Design – Conditions & Reserved Matters

Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are increasingly requesting a coherent landscaping scheme as a key condition to successful land development applications.

PJC Consultancy can efficiently & cost effectively clear all landscape planning conditions stipulated: For example.

Full landscaping

Details of hard and soft landscaping

Details of tree & vegetation to be removed or retained & protected

Full schedules of planting including species, plant size and proposed quantities

Details of proposed boundary treatments

Written soft landscape specification

Maintenance & Management programme.



Allow the PJC Consultancy Landscape Design Team to clear planning conditions & reserved matters relating to all landscape issues to gain your consent.


You may well be accustomed to reading through planning conditions stipulated by an LPA looking very similar to these below.


Early and careful consideration of design issues by PJC Consultancy will enable you to provide the required landscape information and help avoid time consuming and costly delays at a later stage.



The advantage of working with PJC Consultancy stems from providing multiple services from one friendly & contactable multidiscipline team.

Together, we can assist your planning application with landscape design, comprehensive arboricultural advice and ecological expertise to discharge planning conditions.

Please contact us to discuss your planning conditions or reserved matters and we can discuss how PJC Consultancy can contribute towards the successful outcome for your next planning application.
Kind regards

Tim Ruffles