Landscape Architects Landscape architects
Landscape Architect Landscape architects
Landscape Architecture Landscape architects
Professional Landscaping Architects Landscape architects
Landscaping Architects Landscape architects
Professional Landscape Architects Landscape architects
Landscaping Architect Landscape architects
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Landscape Architects

Landscape architects create much of the landscape we live in. They plan, design and manage open spaces including both natural and built environments.

PJC Consultancy’s team of qualified and experienced landscape architects aim to design and construct practical yet aesthetically pleasing spaces for you and your visitors to enjoy, while ensuring that the changes to the ecological and arboricultural environment (where required) are both sympathetic and sustainable.

Our work covers diverse projects: urban and rural; residential and commercial; intimate plots and grand-scale developments. From conception to completion, we will liaise with landscape contractors, including Chaffin Works if appropriate, as well as other professionals, especially architects, town planners, environmentalists and those working in surveying and engineering functions, to create the landscape you envisage.