Guide to Purchasing Land with Trees

Download a copy of our free A Guide To Planning with Arboriculture – PJC Consultancy

If you are purchasing land for a new venture or similar, PJC Consultancy can help with the requirements of the Local Planning Authority, from an arboricultural and ecological perspective.   We can also assist with landscape design, which is often now a requirement.

With regard to trees on the site, developers need to mitigate against damage or loss of trees on or around a development site.  If planning applications are submitted without taking into account the trees on the site, in most cases, the application will be rejected or put on hold until any relevant arboricultural issues are addressed.

The following should be considered to facilitate a successful planning application:

  • Preconstruction Feasibility Study – to understand the existing constraints and the opportunities of the land.
  • Initial Tree Survey – to record the locations of existing treats and their dimensions, including root protection areas.
  • Tree Constraints Plan – to provide an accurate plan drawn in accordance with the topographical survey, showing constraints posed by individual trees.
  • Tree Protection Plan – to show the position of all retained trains and accurately demonstrate the locations of all necessary protection measures to be implemented during construction.
  • Arboricultural Implication Assessment – to outline the potential impact of the development on the trees and recommendation on mitigation measures that will minimise impact.
  • Arboricultural Method Statement – to document details of all tree related operations to be performed as part of the construction process, along with protection measures to be followed.

We have produced a free Planning with Arboriculture Guide which provides more details on the requirements.  Please feel free to download a copy.

At PJC Consultancy we can help you to make a successful planning application.  Please contact us to discuss your project or for advice.