Habitat Management & Conservation Management Habitat management & conservation management

Habitat Management & Conservation Management Plans

PJC Consultancy is able to undertake a wide range of habitat management activities that incorporate skills from the arboricultural team, the ecological team and the tree surgery and landscaping team.

Some of the habitat management services we provide include:

  • Conservation Management Plans including long term monitoring for protected species
  • Habitat creation and habitat enhancement including the assembly of bird and bat boxes and dormouse boxes, construction of hibernacula and habitat piles
  • Tree planting, hedgerow establishment and pond creation
  • Woodland management, including pollarding and coppicing, ride and glade creation and tree thinning
  • Soft felling of trees with high bat potential
  • Sensitive vegetation clearance
  • Weed control including ragwort
  • Invasive non-native plant surveys: Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed and Himalayan balsam
  • Invasive plant management and control
  • Soil de-compaction
  • Protected species fencing including – reptile and newt exclusion fencing, pit fall trapping and fencing, badger gates and fences, deer fencing, tree protection fencing
  • Ecological supervision of clearance and tree felling works

Incorporating both the ecological and arboricultural services into our habitat management helps us to minimise costs and provide a more convenient and effective service.