Great Crested Newt & Reptile Translocation Services Great crested newt & reptile translocation

Guidelines for Great Crested Newt & Reptile Translocation

Guidelines for the translocation of great crested newts and reptiles apply to any new land development. When considering changes to land use or applying for planning consent, it is essential to assess the impact on any wildlife, including great crested newts, and reptiles that are protected by UK or European law. If reptiles or great crested newts are present on your site you may well have to translocate them, either to an on site or off site receptor area as part of a detailed mitigation package.

The presence of a protected species on your site can cause delays to your development project if they are not properly identified and the mitigation not adequately developed. It is recommended that you seek expert advice on their protection and potential requirement for mitigation or translocation. For further details and guidelines, please take a look at the specific pages here on our website for great crested newts, bats, barn owls, dormice, badgers, water voles and otters.

PJC Consultancy has considerable experience in developing, managing and providing detailed wildlife mitigation and translocation strategies, including for Great Crested Newts (GCNs).