Arboricultural and Ecological Consultancy

FREE Essential Ecological Survey Calendar for Land Purchasers & Developers

The presence of a protected species on your site can severely affect the progress of your land development project. Our free ecology calendar, incorporating a wildlife calendar, outlines the best times to carry out badger, bat, bird, otter, dormouse, water vole, great crested newt and reptile surveys.

Many species are protected by law. Therefore, it is essential to carry out ecological surveys prior to purchase, submission of a planning application or master planning to determine whether any of these protected species live on your land. If they do, your Local Authority will insist on mitigation to prevent loss of protected wildlife populations and habitats before planning permission is granted.

When are the best wildlife and reptile survey times?

Different species are active at different times of the year, and surveys are therefore also restricted to such seasonal timings. Our Free ecological survey calendar will tell you this by clearly indicating, for each species, the optimum survey periods, sub-optimal survey periods and the times when surveys are not possible.

PJC Consultancy holds licences to survey all the major UK protected species groups. We can advise you on how their presence can affect your site and guide you through the process of surveying, reporting and taking the necessary measures to continue with your project, including how to provide opportunities for habitat creation and enhancement.