Tree Surveys Tree Condition & Safety Surveys

Tree Condition & Safety Surveys

Regular tree surveys can help tree owners to discharge their legal obligations and ensure that the trees in their care do not represent a danger to other people or their property. Under such an inspection regime, the surveyor conducting the tree condition surveys becomes responsible for the health and safety aspects.

Using specialised tree survey software, PJC Consultancy carries out rural and urban tree surveys for a number of clients including the Highways Agency, schools, Local Authorities and private homeowners. A typical tree survey report will include a description of each tree, its dimensions and state of health, work requirements and timescales to complete this work. A plan showing each tree’s location is provided to aid interpretation.

As part of our service to commercial clients, we can undertake tree surveys using the latest in GPS/GIS mapping technology. Should trees have to be removed due to irredeemable defects, we can provide guidance on replacement species and correct aftercare methods.

PJC Consultancy can also undertake mortgage and insurance reports detailing the implications trees may have on properties, or explaining why they have failed. We pride ourselves on a fast service, with a turnaround of days rather than weeks, enabling tree owners to effectively manage their tree stock.