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Tree Specialists & Consultants

PJC Consultancy is an independent tree specialist providing expert advice to homeowners and residential / commercial land owners and developers throughout the South East. Our team of tree consultants are academically and professionally qualified and combine experience and expertise in tree management, arboricultural assessment and tree care.

Our tree inspection services cover:

  • Tree Constraints Plans – an accurate scale plan drawn in accordance with the topographical survey, showing constraints posed by individual trees.
  • Tree Protection Plan – illustrates the position of all retained trees and accurately demonstrates the location of all necessary protection measures to be implemented during construction.
  • Arboricultural Implication Assessment – outlines the potential impact of the development on the existing trees and the mitigation measures required to minimise it.
  • Arboricultural Method Statements – details all tree related operations to be performed as part of the construction process, along with protection measures to be followed.
  • Construction Site Monitoring – a schedule of site visits by a qualified arboriculturalist to ensure trees are adequately protected and remain unharmed during the construction process.

Under the Occupiers Liability Act, which applies to both domestic and commercial property owners, the condition and safety of trees on your land is your responsibility. Whilst there is no legal requirement for inspection, it is suggested that the condition and safety of trees is assessed a minimum of every five years. Regular tree inspection by qualified personnel, such as the tree specialists here at PJC Consultancy, can discharge this duty, with us becoming responsible for your trees’ health and safety.