Pre-Purchase Feasibility Studies Pre-purchase feasibility studies

Feasibility Studies & Tree Surveys for Planning Applications

Following the initial tree survey, developers may wish to undertake a feasibility study to determine the likelihood of planning permission being granted and to aid their decision on the purchase. The feasibility study will provide an in-depth indication of the potential of a site for development. It will also provide a tree appraisal to determine the trees’ value and an estimate of potential costs that could arise from likely tree works required either for the conservation of trees or to make a site safe.

PJC Consultancy will undertake this study which allows for a realistic site plan to be created, maximising the available space, without necessarily removing large numbers of trees, and increasing the chance of planning permission being granted first time without stringent conditions. Knowing the size and locations of trees on the site will allow architects to incorporate factors such as shading from trees, locations for overhead and underground services and any other tree constraints, into their designs.

The feasibility survey will involve measuring the trees’ height, root protection areas and crown spreads. The crown spreads of the trees will be measured at the four cardinal points to allow an accurate shape to be plotted on a tree constraints plan. This type of survey will also involve recommendations on remedial health and safety tree works and the categorisation of trees as A, B, C or R in accordance with British Standard BS5837:2012. This shows the amenity value of the trees and which trees are most worthy of retention and protection during development.