GIS Mapping GIS mapping

GIS Mapping

PJC Consultancy can provide relevant data from our Arboricultural Services to complement Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Mapping, enabling our clients to seamlessly integrate the results and assist with their decision making.

GIS mapping software provides a summary of data that can be customised for the user’s specific requirements. For example, an organisation may operate a GIS system, managed though a layered view, to help with infrastructure management. Layers can be viewed overlaid onto a base plan of an area to aid interpretation. These layers can be turned off and on depending on the users requirements.

PJC Consultancy works with clients such as the Highways Agency and land management companies to provide data capture that is easy to share and action. Recent examples include habitat surveys and mapping of the Kent and Sussex motorway and trunk road network, plus the provision of dangerous tree surveys across 30,000 acres of private rural estates. Without GIS mapping these surveys would have required the annotation of hundreds of paper maps that would have reduced efficiency and increased cost.

There are many other ways in which GIS maps can be used, with a selection of professional software suites available that aid management of geospatial data. These assist in the provision of practically informed management decisions based on real time environmental factors.