Construction site monitoring

Construction Site Monitoring

A system of construction site monitoring is often required for protecting trees during construction on high profile sites and sites where trees are of particular importance due to their arboricultural, landscape or cultural value. It can also be required on sites where trees are protected by tree preservation orders.

Construction site monitoring can take the form of regular visits throughout the entire construction period to ensure protection measures are being correctly implemented. This will involve a designated arboriculturalist, such as PJC Consultancy, reporting to the relevant local authority and giving advice should the tree protection measures require alteration.

Construction site monitoring may only be required for particular operations such as excavation within root protection areas where the result of a construction activity cannot be adequately predicted in advance. PJC Consultancy can be called upon at any point during construction should an event occur that is not within the scope of the arboricultural impact assessment or the site specific method statement.