BS5837 tree protection work

British Standard BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction

PJC Consultancy specialises in tree surveys conforming to the requirements of BS5837: 2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolitions and Construction. Whether the development is for residential or commercial use, Local Planning Authorities require the input of a trained arboriculturalist in all situations where trees are present on, or adjacent to, a construction site.

PJC Consultancy can carry out the necessary work and produce documents detailed under BS5837:2012, including:

In addition to helping with the requirements of BS5837, PJC Consultancy can offer advice on specialist construction methods such as:

  • Porous surfacing within root protection areas.
  • Specialist construction methods for foundations within root protection areas.
  • Installation of services close to tree root systems using Airspade technology.

PJC Consultancy has carried out BS5837 tree protection work in a variety of locations, from small domestic projects to large-scale business parks, providing us with a wealth of practical experience. Our commitment to Continued Professional Development means that we can continue to provide innovative solutions to clients no matter what size or scale the project.

Download our BS5837:2012 flowchart which outlines the design and construction process in relation to tree care and identifies the ways in which we can assist you at each stage to ensure you comply with this essential arboricultural British Standard.